What to Know Before Getting Corporate Psychology Services

Managing employees’ mental health issues is a real hurdle for businesses today. Thus, if you don’t want high medical expenses—and low employee morale—preventive programs are your solutions. To get through, you can turn to Corporate Psychology Services for help.

corporate psychology services

This short post will guide you through the basics of getting Corporate Psychology Services:

What are Corporate Psychology Services?

Due to an increasing absenteeism problem, companies are outsourcing mental health solutions to experts. These solutions may aim to diagnose expensive illnesses like Depression. In other cases, companies get them to assess their employees’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Then, the experts propose action plans if they detect a serious problem. Government agencies, private firms, or even mental health agencies who need to outsource can get these services.

Who carries out these services?

Corporate Psychologists undertake assessments and propose solutions to organisational problems like mental health. Generally, they fix Human Resources (HR) issues in large and established businesses. Meanwhile, they can also test the suitability of the candidates for promotion.

Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology

I/O Psychology backs corporate psychology services. It’s a crucial tool for the success of a business. Why? On the surface, it’s easy to tie a business’s success to its profitability. But in reality, success is also determined by:

  • An excellent product or service
  • Well-trained and productive employees
  • An ability to detect workplace problems and solve them

Thus, to reach that success, a business must be able to retain those three, especially the last one. And a great tool to make that possible is I/O Psychology.

Corporate psychology services backed by I/O Psychology. These study your employees and your business’s general dynamics. After gathering and analysing the results, experts recommend solutions if critical problems (ex. Absenteeism due to failing mental health) are detected.

Types of Corporate Psychology Services

What are the services that help you prepare for what’s about to come? These are the few most companies acquire:

Fitness for Duty Assessment

This tests an employee’s present cognitive skills and how it contributes to their functional occupational capacity. This test usually beings with an interview and psychometric testing. The goal of this assessment is to determine if the employee has a major impairment that affects the workplace’s safety.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Before, this test only determined the degree of impairment to a skill. Today, it also tests cognition and behaviour. If your employee went through an accident, this test can determine the possible issues they might face in the workplace.

Medico Legal Assessments

Meanwhile, if you have an employee who got involved in a workplace accident, they must undergo medico-legal assessments. The latter aims to provide objective or unbiased opinions about the employee and their health status. These also resolve legal conflicts about the status of your employee’s well-being.

Final Notes

Taking care of your employees’ mental wellbeing will help your business grow in vital ways. Thus, if you’re looking for corporate psychology programs now, make sure to only hire trustworthy experts. Visit http://surepsychology.com.au/ today to get in touch with a qualified  Sure Psychology Neuropsychologist.

Post Author: Ellaine Booker

Ellaine Booker