How to Utilize Google Advertising and Yield Results

Google Adwords is the number one choice for business owners to boost traffic to their website and increase conversion. As the number one search engine on the web, it only makes sense to leverage the power of Google to reach out to your target market. But with hefty Google advertising costs, you want to make sure that you are utilizing this method of promotion to get a return on investment. If not, then you are simply looking at digital marketing budget going down the drain.
google advertising costs
Even when you shell out Sponsored Linx advertising costs with Google, success is still not guaranteed. Nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of digital marketing. A poorly planned marketing campaign can lead to more losses than gains for your business.
To prevent that, you have to be smart when planning your campaign. Take note of these common mistakes and save big on Google Adwords advertising costs:
Mistake 1: Not Organizing Your Keywords and Campaigns
Google Adwords is a complex digital marketing method. You should manage your product and content campaign separately. In addition, you must create different ad groups for different types of keywords. If you don’t, your ads will be less targeted. The ads will be lumped together with other more generic keywords that may or may not be related to the specific search done. The closer the ad copy is to the keyword being searched, the higher the chances of that link being clicked by potential customers.
One way to look at it is if your website is selling various types of electronic products such as tablets, micro SD cards, cellphones, and laptops. When you search for laptops on Google, you will be shown a generic ad rather than point to a link where you sell laptops to your website. The latter page would have yielded more clicks and conversions due to the match with the search.
Mistake 2: Not Utilizing the Keyword Match Feature
When organizing your ad campaign in Google Adwords, you are able to identify your primary keyword. However, this keyword might result in a broad collection of results. This is why you are given a chance to identify the right broad match, a phrase match or to identify if you want the exact match to appear in the search.
With the broad match, your ads will be shown if the keywords you specified appear in the search. This is highly recommended because you will still get a share of the traffic, provided that it is relevant to the specified keyword. But when you specify the exact match, it signals to Google’s algorithm to show your website on the paid listings only when the keyword phrase is typed in exactly as you specified.
There are pro’s and con’s with each matching approach. You should, therefore, study what method to use to maximize Google advertising costs.
If you need more professional guidance as to how to set up the right campaign and get more return on Google advertising costs, visit Google advertising costs may be initially high but with a solid plan, you can yield more conversions, not just traffic, resulting to a good return on your investment.

Post Author: Ellaine Booker

Ellaine Booker