Critical Factors to Look for in a FileMaker Expert

Are you looking for a FileMaker expert that can help develop a customized app for your business?

You’re sure to find many providers that offer services at competitive prices. But because you’re not only investing money but also in the interest of your business, you need to make sure that you’re working with the right people.

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What to Look for in a FileMaker Expert

  • Certification

Make sure to ask if a developer is FileMaker certified. The certification guarantees that a developer has achieved FileMaker platform expertise. It is also a validation that you are hiring an experienced professional with technical knowledge of the complete product line.

A certified FileMaker developer has several skills, such as knowing the product technical specifications, understanding calculations, and applying FileMaker server best practices.

  • Trainer experience/expertise

A FileMaker trainer has received extensive training on the various modules that make up the product line. They have both the technical knowledge and extensive real-world experience in custom software development and the application implementation.

Working with them will ensure that you get the customized business software you need and the training tools to go with it. The FileMaker trainer will then ensure your employees will use the software to maximum efficiency.

  • Individual or part of a team

FileMaker consultants either work individually or as a part of a larger firm. Each one has its share of pros and cons that you must weigh.

An independent contractor, for example, is more cost-effective but may become unresponsive when handling multiple large, long-term projects.

A company with a team of FileMaker certified developers are more responsive and can provide assistance at any time or for other services like LAMP hosting. But their services could be more expensive.

  • Hourly or fixed-project price

Your choice will depend on the scale of the project. You will be able to save more with a large-scale project with a fixed price instead of an hourly rate. But some providers pad the numbers to reduce their risk and exposure.

Whichever is the case, make sure to work with a FileMaker expert that will provide accurate estimates before a project starts and assessments for each stage of the iterative development.

  • Experience and expertise with application integration

FileMaker applications can be integrated with and connected to a host of other applications and technologies. These include PHP, XSLT, and XML. It can also be extended with plugins for a robust connection with iCal, QuickBooks, Outlook and other applications.

The developer you hire must have the background and skills to ensure a seamless integration. This should also provide recommendations that can increase the value of a FileMaker system dramatically.

  • Member of a FileMaker community or alliance

FileMaker has a supportive community that helps developers and businesses stay on top of software development and evolution. The collective FileMaker companies provide consulting, training, and access to products. This means a member will have all the help they need as part of a community.

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