Benefits of Online Tools for Conference Management

An effective conference management solution automates numerous tedious and mundane tasks. It frees up time for conceptualising and organising other important activities and personal schedules. Use of online tools expedites the process of registration and simplifies collection of payment as well as invoicing tasks. This undertaking also eases the registrant tracking process and accelerates generation of reports among other actions.

Pre-Conference Tools

First, preconference tools enable you to increase the number of attendees to your event by collecting registrations 24 hours a day, all week long. Many individuals with interest of attending a particular event might be unable to reach conference-registration centres easily. Launching an online registration process can eliminate this challenge and drastically increase attendance numbers. Not only will interested delegates have the ability of visiting your website and learning more conveniently, but also have the ability of registering and paying for the conference.

The ability of collecting payments online and eliminating the impact of ‘No Shows’ on your bottom-line is another advantage of preconference tools. Lack of options for payment is among the main causes of abandoned registrations. This problem can be eliminated by providing an extensive array of payment options on the conference engine. It is thus vital to seek for a conference management solution which offers flexible modes of payment such as via multiple credit cards.

As well, pre-conference tools facilitate convenient communication with potential registrants. You can initiate an online marketing blitz without hassles using online tools for communication built into an online system for managing conferences. It could be an auto-email facility for instance that sends out emails along with e-invites to notify potential registrants of your conference activities. Such a customizable feature also helps in branding your event.

Onsite Conference Tools

Registration can be achieved on-site using the same system of conference tools. A manual system of registration is not necessary for conducting late onsite registrations. Having a web-based conference management solution enables registration of delegates with the same system via an internet-connected PC or laptop. It implies the information gets stored within the same database, without the risk of losing the data entered or registration sheets after the conference. Same-system registration also facilitates custom-badge print-outs for last-minute delegates.

Use of onsite tools for conferencing empowers you to generate reports in minutes and reduce your workload. Preparing reports and sending them to clients can now be done hassle-free and does not have to take hours or days. You only require setting the parameters of your report to have the system generate it in automated fashion. This oftentimes happens by simply clicking a button.

Onsite conferencing tools aid in forging relationships with registrants and leveraging future conferences with ease. Ensure keeping your communication lines open with convenience by incorporating a reliable system for managing conferences into your planning. The solution comes integrated with communication features such as ‘Online Database’ as well as ‘Auto-Email’. These enable you to store registrant-information within a single database, paving way for problem-free mass-mailing of registrants.

In majority of cases, engaging services for managing conferences makes remote-facilitation possible both before and after the event. The tools mentioned above are just some of those available for ensuring that this process takes place in smooth manner.

Post Author: Ellaine Booker

Ellaine Booker