AirEng: For Best Quality Axial fans and Side Channel Blowers in Australia

AirEng Pty Ltd is a company that deals with the manufacture of fans. The establishment prides itself on the production of custom axial fan, acoustic silencers, damper flow control devices, blowers and centrifugal fans. This company has an excellent international and local reputation because of the high quality products that they manufacture. The foundation of this renowned company is based on sound engineering practices, practical design solutions and Innovation.

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The establishment is fully committed and dedicated to excellence. Therefore, clients will be confident that every fan that is manufactured receives the attention and individual needs that it deserves. The company also has experienced and knowledgeable staff who are the cornerstone of this great business.

The main goal of AirEng is to deliver air moving devices that incorporate practical design, robust construction, revolutionary technology, cost effectiveness and speedy supply. This is what sets the company apart from other axial fans manufacturers in the industry.

AirEng Pty Ltd is the best producer of axial fans Australia trusts. The AirEng axial fan is the most cost effective fan for applications that need large capacities of clean air at a low pressure. This is because these fans have streamlined ducting requirements and they are quite easy to install. The company manufactures a wide variety of axial fans as well as the standard MP range that is made of adjustable pitch units that have a diameter that ranges from 315 mm to 4,880 mm.

Custom factory-made adjustable and fixed pitch impellers can be delivered in materials such as: stainless steel, mild steel, duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys, temper and quench materials or any other specialized materials. The standard range equipment are available in polypropylene, nylon or aluminum. These axial fans have been tested and confirmed to have an efficiency rate of about 85% and are good for HVAC and industrial applications.

The axial fans are available in a variety of styles. First is the direct drive, whose impeller is directly mounted on the driveshaft. We also have the belt drive axial fan that has a driver that is mounted on outer part of the fan housing. The third style is the bifurcated fan that has a motor that is enclosed in a tunnel found in the fan casing. The fourth design is the roof mounted fan that is fitted with weather flaps and a rain cowl.

The fifth design is the plate mounted fan that has been designed for easy installation. The sixth style is the flue fans that are suitable for operating in high temperatures use of up to 500°C. The last design is the auxiliary mine ventilation fans that have a pressure of 8,000Pa and are suitable for mining activities.

The AirEng Pty Ltd is also the leading producer of Side Channel Blowers. The company has more than fifteen years’ experience of producing these blowers and they create more than 100,000 units every year. The company produces the CR Elec – side channel blower that is basically a ready unit that just requires installation as a compressor or a vacuum. This equipment can be mounted in different positions whether vertically or horizontally. Visit

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